National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. 

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President

Reverend S.C. Dixon, General Secretary

Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS)

Overview: Chicago Theological Seminary is an affiliated seminary of the United Church of Christ. For over 160 years, CTS have educated future leaders for a multitude of ministries. Since our beginning, CTS has pushed at the growing boundaries of the church in order to make our faith relevant and transform our society towards greater justice. Our student body now represents more than 40 different faith traditions, perspectives and denominations.  With world-renowned teachers and alumni, CTS is the global leader in transformational religious studies that offer several Masters and Doctoral degrees, including Masters in Divinity, Sacred Theology and Religious Leadership.

Benefits to NBCA Members: Members of NBCA churches will have an opportunity to apply and be awarded scholarships for a Master of Arts, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry almost totally online. The scholarship recipients will be referred to as ‘The Wallace S. Hartsfield Scholars’ and will receive tuition discounts from 30% and in some cases, up to 80%. This allows the local congregation to promote theological education. It also provides an idea of receiving the CTS scholarship and then the local church may consider pay 50% of the balance and the other 50% of the Vance to be paid by the student. There may be other configurations of this financial arrangement that may be employed.